Monday, March 16, 2009

Visiting Mother

Going to visit Mother is sometimes quite stressful. I love her to pieces, but she can be rather critical sometimes. What's worse, is that she is often misinformed and has a tendency to exaggerate Mason's achievements. Even so, seeing her was nice.

She said that her retirement savings is dwindling, and that she is looking into opening a deli. I suggested that she may not know what she's getting into and she laid into me about how she ran our cousins deli for 25 years with little to no help for a meager wage. I asked how she was going to get a space for the deli. She told me that she talked to some former associates of my late fathers. She said that they owed us big time and that they would be glad to give her a good location for almost no rent.

It looks like my mother will be doing just fine. I would criticize her for dealing with those crooked businessmen, but those kind of dealings put food on our table when we were young and enabled Mason and I to get educations. I admire her resilience.

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