Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Video Conference

I didn't stick around after the show. Joe bought me a beer and then I went home. Ed had contacted Bill, Shlomo, and I yesterday and asked us to attend a video conference on ustream at Noon. We all attended.

Ed gave us our first job. Bill and I were instructed to go to a packing house and help them set up a network.

He said that we would be meeting like this until he could find a small office space and we could set up shop. We all agreed to be a part of the new company. Shlomo was going to be our accounts manager and Ed would be our boss. He had contacts in the city and could dig up jobs. The pay would be small at first but once we get our bearings things would get better. As of right now it's all off the books so to speak. That means that we will still be receiving unemployment checks. That made me a little nervous. He said that if we stuck together we could make something together. I sure hope so.

Anything extra is going to help me keep my head above water.

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