Saturday, July 11, 2009


Bill and I met on the train to go to our first freelance job. It was at a shipyard located on the south side. Their whole network crashed and by the looks of it, the last time they bought a computer was 2002. Ha!

As usual, the people working there wouldn't know the difference between Pentium and a Celeron, or a PC and a Mac for that matter.

We kicked everyone out of the office and were finished in thirty minutes. That seemed too fast to Bill and I; so we played some games and acted busy for another hour and a half. I didn't want our first clients to think that they were getting ripped off.

They should be good for a long time. We set up firewalls, installed virus protection and even upgraded some of the computers' processors and memory.

On our way out we gave them our card and told them to call us any time they needed anything. Bill and I made a couple of hundred bucks on that one. Yes! It's the first money I've made since getting sacked aside from an unemployment check.

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