Saturday, August 29, 2009


Ed tweeted us and we all met at this great little restaurant in China town. It was a stir-fry place vaguely based on the Japanese Benny Shawna. This felt more authentic but still the theatrics were barely tolerable.

Ed announced that he had rented an office space. It was located near my old neighborhood and would act as our headquarters if we chose to accept tentative employment. I wouldn't show it, but I was very excited about it. E-mailing resumes, and getting rejected is not exactly fun.

I think that Ed knew the chef-owner of the restaurant. He took our picture by the guardian lions and gave us mass quantities of baujiu for free, which incidentally, knocked my socks off.

Even with all of these festivities I'm still a bit down though...


  1. totally loving the backgrounds and environments in these recent ones... top notch!

  2. Thanks tons Levi. Your work is great. We should go fishing sometime =)