Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Game Plan

Now that I'm out of work, I've got to hit the ground running. The very next day I made a list of things to do and got some of those things done.

I've got a nice little savings cushion to hold me over for a little while; at least until I get unemployment set up. That said, I'm going to have to generate a little extra income for myself.

First I called Joe, and asked if our band could get a gig this weekend. He said that we could do a show at a venue that we've played many times before. That could mean a modest little cash prize.

Next, I posted a roommate wanted poster at the cafe' up the street. There's a lot of decent businesses around there so I'm hoping I get some worthy candidates.

I made the obligatory call to Mother, who kept asking why I was fired. I told her I was laid off.

Finally, I wrote my brother and let him know what happened and to send any further correspondence to the apartment.

I'll be suggesting that Bill, Shlomo, and I have a tweetup and all meet at the unemployment office together. It should be fun:- or not.

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