Thursday, April 23, 2009

We're Out

So we cleared out our belongings. Most people didn't linger. It all happened very quickly. I talked with Bill about what his plan was and he had no idea. We decided that we'd be in touch via twitter and e-mail and every other mode of communication.

There was an eerie silence among us all on the way out and then I saw the news trucks parked all along the boulevard outside the main entrance. A nice looking reporter approached me and asked if I felt responsible for the recession. What an idiot. As if every person getting dismissed at this bank somehow had a hand in destroying the countries economy. The camera man stuck his lens right in my face.

Bill came to the rescue. Always quick on his feet, he grabbed a can of silly string that he used to keep in his desk to shoot at me over the cubicle wall, and blacked out the camera lens. Haaa ha! The camera man was pissed but we got lost in the crowd and went our separate ways.


  1. Nellie, Yapp, Bill är lite rebell upptågsmakare. Han är pålitlig.